Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dior Lipsticks 2013


Lips Luscious lips are now at your fingertips as Dior focused on bringing the most amazing lip tint formulas to the beauty scene. The high shine, candy tones will give your lips an addictive allure, so be sure to check out the following lip products and pigments: Dior Addict Lipstick in Charmante, Bow, Espiegle

Dior Rouge Serum in Tulle Pink and Arabesque Pink

 Dior Addict Lip Glow in Awakening Gloss

YSL Eyeshadow 2013

Eyeshadow Quad Collector Palette

Give your eyes a whole lot of depth and drama as a piercing gaze is never forgotten, using YSL's new fab eyeshadow quad palette that features 4 rich gem & crystal inspired shades infused with subtle shimmer so you can look stunning every time. The limited edition collector's palette includes the following lush pigments:
Malachite Green
Sparkling Rose
Violet Amethyst
Azurite Blue

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you love short hairstyles, it's more than likely that you have given pixie hairstyles a thought. The secret to success, as with any hairstyle, is choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape. If those blessed with oval faces can pretty much experiment with a multitude of styles, finding a good pixie haircut for round face is a bit more challenging.

This is because short hairstyles make it harder to give the illusion of length and give the impression of a more oval shape, which is considered by stylists to be ideal. Still, though this style is a bit challenging, it doesn't mean that brave souls with an eye for daring haircuts should abandon the idea. Still, when beginning to select between the multitude of pixie haircuts for round faces, you should keep some helpful guidelines into account.

First, since lengthening the face is the desired effect for maximum impact, you should definitely turn your attention towards a pixie cut that still has some volume in the crown. Playing with height and volume is the easiest way to create said illusion.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Givenchy Bags 2013

If you're still looking for the 'it' bag that will get you through the cold seasons, the latest Givenchy collection is definitely worth checking out. With a classy perspective focused on a variety of versatile designs that combine classiness and sophistication, the new options should definitely be on the radar of those interested in investment pieces that will outlast any hot of the moment style. Simple, without being overly simplistic, the new handbags are definitely a fabulous option to consider.

 Neutral toned monochrome bags are the epitome of versatility but you don't have to go for classic options only. The label plays with pattern and texture in order to deliver fun alternatives that skillfully combine style and functionality. This season, everything seems driven by the precision of geometry and the new collection embraces the principle wholeheartedly. Checkers are a fabulous options for pattern lovers that still want to get the most of their everyday bag and get a bit of a modern vibe.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Neiman Marcus Dresses 2013

If you're ready to reclaim your fashion icon status and show off the real meaning of empowerment, you need to adapt to the new season trends and Neiman Marcus has the guideline to resort 2013 style all worked out. Putting the hottest designer garments on full display, the popular high end retail store shows the elements that stand between you and an iconic style, so gain terrain in the fashion domain and turn yourself into a total fashionista by making sure the hottest fashion items from the resort 2013 fashion scene occupy a top spot in your wardrobe.

 Resort wear provides not only garments to bring out the diva in you while vacationing in warm weather destinations, but designs that you'll be able to enjoy well into the summer season also, meaning your new resort wear can be labeled as a great investment.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Giuseppe Zanotti Bags 2013

The Giuseppe Zanotti label is already lining up its 2013 creations. The handbag collection for the upcoming year is a fun blend between edgy yet refined alternatives and more subtle yet elegant options that will make you swoon. Practicality and edginess merge for a gorgeous allure that can instantly conquer fashionistas with a pragmatic approach to accessorizing and glam rock lovers alike. With a variety of shapes and sizes, everyone can find something to meet their needs.

 Spikes and studs are always a no fail alternative to inject edginess in each look and the label has focused extensively on bringing the allure in a variety of ways to suit more than one style preference in the process. The color palette is on the conservative side as well which greatly extends the style possibilities. Those with a more bohemian flair in mind will most likely appreciate the fringe details that are included in some of the designs.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Topshop Fall Winter 2012 2013

Topshop has emphasized the need for variety in fashion this fall 2012 season by launching several fashion collections that deliver jaw-dropping, clashing styles and one of the collections is featured in the brand's Pennsylvania fall 2012 lookbook. Topshop's Pennsylvania has to do with fierce, uber-stylish elements that seem to defy all the rules in fashion.

The head-turning power of borrowed from the boys garments, oversized and androgynous pieces paired with flirty, uber-feminine elements such as ruffles, lace and floral motifs is undeniable, so no the honeys that don't fear fashion and love to push the boundaries with their style will have a blast raiding the fantastic collection. Fashion is supposed to be fun and Topshop's proposition to turn dressing up into a pleasureful experience: try everything. Mixing and matching various styles and synchronizing them to form an unbreakable fusion requires an expert eye as the art of layering is not easy to master, but with a little bit of practice you can achieve a look that will make heads turn through its sophistication.

Stradivarius Fall Winter 2012 2013

The cold-weather season always puts our sartorial creativity to the test. Well, get ready to shun all stereotypes and stand out from the crowd putting together look-at-me ensembles. It's your time to be the center of attention and become the ultimate trendsetter. Don't worry as the wide range of goodies available online and in stores guarantee to keep your wintry styling cool and outstanding. And the latest Stradivarius November 2012 lookbook is one great example and an excellent source of to-die-for outfits. Take a sneak peek at the brand's offerings, pick your favorite essentials that will keep you warm and comfy while still making a statement during awfully chilly days.

 Whether you're dressing for a shopping spree, for the office or for a special night out with your friends, Stradivarius' newest collection is packed full with everything you need in order to stay voguish all season long. Just have a nosey at these eye-catchers and you'll certainly find something you'll hardly wait to wear. And boy oh boy, there are some pretty amazing beauties worth investing in!

John Galliano Shoes 2013

The legacy of the John Galliano label is carried on with elegance and sophistication and the resort 2013 shoe collection is a definite proof in this regard. With an edgy touch in mind, the label opts for refined options that are sure to turn heads every single time. From the classy and timeless to the unexpected and covetable, the label covers it all with the same dedication and passion for impressing. Once again, the spirit of the fashion house is well translated in a series of uber covetable options.

 Rather than turning to excessive style elements to really make the designs pop, the label opts for carefully selected color pops and fabric contrasts to deliver that fun yet still refined allure. Cork and suede, matte and patent leather or a combination of these are the label's choices for maximum style impact. Neutral tones and pastels are highly valued although there are also a few bold touches which completely change the tone of the designs.

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