Wednesday, January 23, 2013

H&M Swimwear 2015

The internationally renowned fashion retailer urges fashionistas to choose matching colored tops and bottoms this year when it comes to beachwear separates as this way you'll look more classic and chic.

 As it can easily be deduced from H&M's lookbook, separates are the must haves when it comes to 2013 swimwear and thankfully there are various styles to choose from as not every body type benefits from the same cuts.

Fortunately, H&M put its talent to good use and created various swimwear designs to match every gal, so take your pick out of H&M's stylish triangle tops, bandeaus, balconettes and halter tops featuring matching bottoms as they are all just fabulous.

 The collection is bound to spark a shopping-frenzy among fans, so make sure you grab on to your favorite designs as soon as they hit the shelves this spring as with a reasonable price tag and stylish cuts these designs are predicted to fly off the shelves!

Just Cavalli Swimsuits 2013

Though we have quite a strong desire to see the sunny days return ASAP, the newest fashion campaigns are exacerbating this feeling to completely new heights. The latest culprit? The spring summer 2013 Just Cavalli campaign which insists on transporting us to the land of fab beaches and crystal clear water and brings a multitude of covetable options to match the idyllic scenery.

For the label, getting fab and trendy is no solo game as the label enlists Aline Weber, Emily DiDonato, Ginta Lapina, Chris Bunn, Chris Petersen and Thomas Guarracino to show off the true impact of the newest designs. If the Roberto Cavalli spring 2013 campaign has shown us a more abstract take on the usual prints, the Just Cavalli ads show us the exact characteristic that became a trademark of the label: bold color combos, bold prints and an incredibly strong desire to avoid blending in.

Subdued animal print touches with a classy touch? Not in the label's book where “the more the better” has always been the main focus. From gorgeous dresses to swimsuits, the label is keen on proving that animal prints will never lose their instant ability to intrigue and impress. One thing is for sure: ignoring the looks, whether you love them or hate them is next to impossible.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bershka Skirts 2013

If you don't want to be caught off guard when it comes to new season fashion, you'd better make sure your warm season wardrobe doesn't lack casual clothing pieces such as skinny jeans, sexy short shorts, cropped tops, stylish skirts and matching sizzling accessories.

 The brand that displayed numerous shorts in this collection chose embellishments and color mashing as style boosters and their originality and studded, distressed, tie-dyed or lacey texture will surely get you hooked on these sexy pieces. The bold and the beautiful know that prints and asymmetric lines deliver the highest impact when it comes to making a statement all while maintaining a high level of sexiness and style and Bershka's asymmetric skirts, vests, jackets and tops provide the essentials to a head turning look.

Aztec prints and studs are the details that will make you stand out from the crowd and Bershka's new collection is packing the hottest designs paired with the hottest prints regardless if you're talking clothes or accessories as the brand also brought to the fashion scene stylish statement necklaces, bags and clutches that cannot go by unnoticed, so browse through Bershka's upcoming collection, take your cue from the brand's spring/summer 2013 campaign and bring out the best out of your style using the brand's brand new garments!

Bershka Bags 2013

We can already smell the fresh scent of the spring/summer 2013 season and this only adds to our excitement especially since visually we're delighted by trendy launches in the fashion industry. Bershka is one of the brands that made the wait for the new season even more difficult due to its sizzling fashion creations put on full display in Bershka's spring/summer 2013 collection.

A quick glimpse at the designs is all that it takes to capture all of your attention. The popular fashion brand chose to play with clashing styles this season and mashed simplicity with the opulence brought by graphic details, result that enables fashionistas to experiment with various styles that ooze energy and maintain a look ever-fresh.

 With casualness at the base, Bershka's spring/summer 2013 collection is definitely worth checking out if you wish to look and feel like a true modern day diva. Leather, chiffon and denim dominate the spring/summer 2013 trends and their magic is made even more potent by Bershka's designers who fused these elements to bring out the best from the brand's designs.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maybelline Lipsticks 2013

In case you want to make an enviable appearance, trust us, an elegant red lipstick will do the trick without too much effort. Well, not to mention that there are so many other daring and eye-popping shades you can try. Just check out the new Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks and see it for yourself!

 Okay, so before we head out the door for an important event or even for a casual, sunny day shopping spree, we need to be sure our look is complete. However, a bright lipstick can sometimes be the easiest method to make a statement. At least with Maybelline's we-bet-they-never-fail colors the result can only be spectacular. For best results you have to apply lipcolor starting in the center of your upper lip.

Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip. Pretty cool, isn't it? The Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipsticks come in 10 super-saturated shades that guarantee to add necessary drama to your appearance.

Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash, Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose, Electric Orange, Vibrant Mandarin, Neon Red, On Fire Red, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry are the stunners that will give you a killer flare.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NARS Eyeshadow 2013

NARS's gorgeous spring 2013 makeup collection packs elements with a springish vibe, pretty pigments that range from soft to bold, so you can achieve the ultimate makeup look regardless of your personal preference.

The cool tones have a bit of 90s fierceness infused, meaning this is a makeup collection designed to make heads turn, so let yourself be swept off your feet and enjoy your trip through the fascinating NARS makeup world as perfection and femininity have never been easier to achieve.

Each product from the NARS Color Collection for spring 2013 is designed to deliver a high visual impact, so sculpt and enhance your features to perfection using the following pigments and products:

NARS Lipsticks 2013

The best thing I can think of when it comes to the passing of time seems to be the myriad of makeup collections that pop up like crazy at the beginning of each season.

One of the brands that never ceases to amaze with their new makeup creations is NARS, and the latest spring 2013 Color Collection proves that this is a brand that knows how to build and maintain its fan-base! The subtlest hint of color applied on your lips can do wonders for your look, so go for an all natural shade or chose to be fiercer than ever by choosing to play with one of the following NARS lip products:

Cythère Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil - soft metallic rose

Dressed to Kill Lipstick - fuchsia with gold shimmer

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish 2013

The possibilities are not as limited as one might be tempted to think.

The label's intention isn't to go for a matchy look which has a great potential of becoming perceived as dated but instead to play with these shades in order to create a sultry modern look. Here are the dazzling new options you can add to your beauty arsenal.

 Don't forget to paint your nails with the same romantic tones that best reflect the romance theme. Go for an innocent Pink Valentine or stay on the classy side with the spectacular Valentine Red tone. Aim for maximum impact regardless of your choice.

Bobbi Brown Lipsticks 2013

Valentine's Day is around the corner and beauty retailers are all about capturing the romantic vibe of the holiday even if they don't state it explicitly.

Bobbi Brown is aiming for a similar effect with the new Pink and Red collection for spring 2013. Sure, such amazing tones are great for creating looks all year round but what better way to prepare for the special occasi on than by centering your makeup look around these flattering high impact shades?Make your lips the center of attention with these fab new tones.

With avocado and jojoba oils and chamomile and aloe extracts, the new lip glosses will ensure your lips stay kissable and super soft. With a subtle vanilla scent, the new Cherry Red and Pretty in Pink tones are definite head-turners.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Estée Lauder Lipsticks 2013

Despite the fact that many retailers claim to release their spring 2013 collections, makeup brands seem utterly focused on a rapidly approaching event: Valentine's Day. Smashbox Cosmetics released its Love Me spring 2013 makeup collection, NYX Cosmetics has another collection dedicated specifically to the city of love and now Estée Lauder comes with the Pretty Naughty collection which more or less centers around the same theme.

If you still think such similarities are purely coincidental, the declared intention for the collection will definitely make you think twice. Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director for Estée Lauder reveals his vision: "I wanted to create a collection for the woman who is sexy yet romantic. Pretty Naughty is very pastel, but also a little naughty in a gentle, discreet way." A bit of drama blended with sophistication and a hint of rebellion are beautifully reflected in the new makeup products the label is putting forward. The intent sure sounds magnificent but will the new staples make you fall in love?

With a creamy, lightweight matte formula with a sheer and satin finish, the highly pigmented lipstick shades available in Naked, Rock Candy, Rebel, Demure will perfectly complement a classy yet deceivingly powerful seductive look.

Blouses 2013

For sure everyone remembers the peter pan collars which were all around on dresses, tops and blouses in the past years. These classic collars add a certain sophistication to the given clothing piece. Slowly the classic blouses and collarless shirts made their appearance on the runways and it seems like these will lead the fashion trends this spring 2013.

Why collarless blouses? Because these blouses are simple, chic, and one can find them in many colors beginning from pastels to darker ones. The other advantage of these shirts is that the're flank, perfectly fitting for the spring and summer seasons. Also, collarless shirts offer great versatility, as you can easily pair them with any cut of trousers and skirts. From this point of view, the collarless blouses are simply elegant and relevant to the current trends.

Skirts Summer 2013

Showing bare midriff was a '90s sensation and there was no one among young women who didn’t have at least one midriff top. Now, approximately one year ago, this trend came back into the fashion world but in a more sophisticated way: the midriff top is combined with a high-waist skirt, shorts or pants.

The bare midriff trend will stay in perspective in the following seasons with many creative designs, like the classic ones as Jill Stuart with a black pencil skirt and a sheer top, or Timo Weiland who dared to combine the maxi skirt with the midriff top and it looks great.

Maxi Dresses 2015

Maxi dresses make a glorious comeback for spring 2013, as we can see the designs of Alberta Feretti, Zac Posen or Gucci. And how you can wear the emerald next year?

Combine emerald colored shorts with a navy top and jacket as seen at Michael Kors; the overall impression will be sophisticated and tasteful. Also, any emerald-green piece of clothing can be combined, according to the season. Since it is about the spring/summer 2013 fashion, pairing it with any earth color, like brown, grey or more brighter colors like the purple, navy are great choices.

What to choose? The blazer is practical, as well as the short sleeved blouse for spring and summer and emerald flat shoes for footwear.

H&M For Girls Spring Summer 2013

One can never go wrong with H&M. Why? Because the worldwide renowned retailer never ceases to surprise its customers with loads of to-die-for pieces able to meet everyone's needs. So, what better way to welcome warm weather than with a statement-making closet update?

It's time you mix slim silhouettes and oversized tops for a style that brings out your true attitude! Be bold and turn heads! The main essentials to know this season? First of all, let's not forget the military trend that comes back strong once again. H&M's spring 2013 collection includes some army-inspired goods such as shirts, pants, and jackets.

Oh, but these stunners are definitely designed to add a tough yet feminine and sexy flare to your styling. Another love affair that continues this spring is the one with animal prints. Go for a look-at-me-now approach with dazzling prints and unusual combinations!

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