Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blouses 2013

For sure everyone remembers the peter pan collars which were all around on dresses, tops and blouses in the past years. These classic collars add a certain sophistication to the given clothing piece. Slowly the classic blouses and collarless shirts made their appearance on the runways and it seems like these will lead the fashion trends this spring 2013.

Why collarless blouses? Because these blouses are simple, chic, and one can find them in many colors beginning from pastels to darker ones. The other advantage of these shirts is that the're flank, perfectly fitting for the spring and summer seasons. Also, collarless shirts offer great versatility, as you can easily pair them with any cut of trousers and skirts. From this point of view, the collarless blouses are simply elegant and relevant to the current trends.

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