Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dior 2013 Nail Lacquers

The new season is defined by rich, sophisticated tones which come in a fabulous selection and many interesting new collections aim to help us have our needs met during the upcoming months. However, we always wonder what the future will bring and fortunately Dior Vernis has an answer.

The 2013 season will bring back those fabulous intense tones we've seen becoming popular all over again in the warm months. Though small, the collection is exciting nevertheless. If you find yourself in such an enviable position, you should definitely consider these three new fabulous tones as they can add a fun touch to virtually any outfit.

For a vibrant touch, pick any of these delightful high quality, long lasting new tones:

Lime – green lime
Mango – sweet coral
Pastèque – bold fuchsia

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