Friday, December 28, 2012

Laura Mercier Lipsticks 2013

Lately makeup brands have been battling for the hearts of cosmetics enthusiasts even more fiercely as the results of their efforts are more impressive than ever and one of the brands that is bound to sweep beauty addicts off their feet is Laura Mercier.

 The brand’s Arabesque makeup collection for spring 2013 brings the hotness of the Arabian desert with its richly pigmented makeup products, so if you're looking for shades that will make you look sizzling this spring, this is definitely a collection to take into consideration!

Lip Color

Laura Mercier's Arabesque collection offers honeys the chance to go for a lipstick, a lip tint or a lip gloss look, so choose the shades and textures that you feel most comfortable wearing as they're all amazing:
Creme Smooth Lip Color ($26) in Arabesque
Lip Stain ($20) in Shy Pink and Mulberry
Lip Glace ($24) in Bare Pink

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hugo Boss Bags 2013

The classy route is without a doubt a safe one to take yet is by no means a plain or boring one as long as the right concepts are being emphasized. Whether you decide to opt for simple monochrome pieces or abstract prints which are in a way the general style direction trend-wise, putting the right focus on accessories is the one detail that makes all the difference.

From practical and luxurious handbags to fab sunglasses, each element plays a crucial role in the overall effect of the looks presented. Whether you use accessories to add a colorful punch to an outfit or simply to make sure that your needs are being met and and complete your looks, the new offerings are designed to give you maximum mixing and matching opportunities to really bring out the best in one's style.

 Smart and stylish is really one of the best approaches out there, so if you strive for a similar allure, learn from these spectacular new looks, beautifully presented by the brand.

Hugo Boss Sunglasses 2013

Familiarizing ourselves with the new season goodies that await is much easier now that some of the most important names in the industry are releasing fab campaigns to make their hottest offerings more memorable. For the Hugo Boss Black label, the spring 2013 fashion revolves around fairly simple pieces that shine in classy combos which combine the effortless chic concept with the elegance and luxury that truly defines a high end label.

Knowing how to highlight the beauty of the main piece is often more valuable than embracing complex style rules and the label sure proves it through a myriad of classy combos.

Diane von Furstenberg Bags 2013

Accessories still have an original vibe and the golden lips symbol we saw on some handbags for resort 2013 is still emphasized. Accessories are the one place where the brand gets playful and the creative shapes are one clear proof of the ingenuity that transcends the otherwise serious and classy allure the new looks carry.

The result is seriously cool as fans of the brand and passionate fashionistas can easily attest it. Embrace a modern lady-like allure the right way with these fabulous outfits as a starting point for insight. Pleats are another subtle detail that gets thrown into the mix for a subtle touch which makes the girly allure a bit more powerful.

The clean feminine looks are only enriched with the spectacular accessories which help define the new looks and bring them a bit of complexity which doesn't overpower the main piece nor changes the allure significantly.

Diane von Furstenberg Dresses 2013

Gone are the days when conspicuous feminine vibes were the best strategy to get noticed and be perceived as spectacularly beautiful. This season, the dominant position is a subtler, modern feminine allure. The Diane von Furstenberg pre-fall 2013 collection surely elaborated on the idea with a myriad of styles that aim towards the androgynous allure.

Modern vibes were beautifully emphasized in a multitude of simple yet powerful elements which served as powerful focal points. The strict focus on perfectly defined proportions, geometric vibes and abstract prints dominates in the collections of the most important brands in the industry and Diane von Furstenberg surely joins this year's trendsetters with fabulous interpretations that don't belong solely on the runway as it is the case with some of the over the top creations of brands for which statement wear is a key concept.

Dresses are still the main staple that wins the title of the new season must-have in the designer's eyes.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jeans Trends 2013

If, like us, you stayed away from navel-grazing cuts in favour of styles that rested on your hips for fear of looking like you were wearing mum-jeans, it's time to rethink your sartorial strategy.

 Ida's longer lines equal a leaner silhouette that tucks you in at all the right places. It's slimming and sleek, even with a print! With black and silver swirls, Kaleidoscope is baroque styling at its best, while Strawberry Dreamtime's pale pink and white mix is sure to be a sell-out come spring.

Fashion Trends 2013

Sheen Queen

 As seen at: Jonathan Saunders, Christian Dior, Mary Katrantzou, Viktor & Rolf, Burberry Prorsum, Diane von Furstenberg

 How to wear: The trick to iridescent fabrics is to ground them with a simple neutral hue by day and a bold, solid colour by night.

Pencils At The Ready

 As seen at: Erdem, Roland Mouret, Christopher Kane, Burberry Prorsum

 How to wear: Ladylike and demure or sexy and sophisticated, the pencil skirt is fashion gold. This season it takes centre stage in clashing colourways and on-trend patterns.

Zac Posen Dresses 2013

Dresses, whether we're talking about the cocktail ones or spectacular evening gowns, have the power to turn every single look in the right direction and become the instant spotlight. Sexiness blends with classiness for an outstanding effect. Femininity radiates through each and every single one of the designs that marks the new season creations.

Even leather gets beautifully interpreted to match the spirit of the new collection and makes the most of the new season options. Gorgeous mermaid dresses steal the spotlight and Maria Callas proved the perfect muse for refined alternatives that cannot go unnoticed.

Playing with volume is the key concept that becomes skillfully reflected throughout the new season alternatives and which gets the absolutely desirable impact in the spotlight. With the gowns ensuring the wow factor by themselves, there's little need for accessories to make the final impact.

Juicy Couture Dresses 2013

uicy Couture is continuing its venture into new terrain with its pre-fall 2013 designs and the result is hot, hot, hot! The brand's decision to rethink and reinvent its style has worked as apparently the designs provide a higher dose of variety appropriate for a wider age group.

Long gone are the days when the iconic velour tracksuit dominated the Juicy Couture offerings as nowadays the brand concentrates on bringing chic garments that vary from comfy jeans and shorts to flirty dresses, fabulous blazers and stylish tees. However, the outfit that helped push the brand to fame, the tracksuit, is also present although it takes on a more subtle presence that gets lost in the sizzling up-to-date silhouettes that dominate the collection.

 Juicy Couture's creative director, LeAnn Nealz, decided to take a fun and flirty, almost summery approach to style with its pre-fall 2013 collection, which seems a bit of a gamble since most designers chose to incorporate autumnal pigments in their designs. However, the bright color palette of the collection, combined with down to earth elements and patterns, gives Juicy Couture that certain 'je ne sais quoi' that conquers from first glimpse.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roberto Cavalli 2013 Collection

We can always count on Roberto Cavalli to take us through another style dimension and makes us forget the winter chills and instantly create a strong desire to rock some of the hottest ensembles shown regardless of the season.

If the Roberto Cavalli resort 2013 collection managed to give us an idea of the current trends endorsed, the new campaign highlights the true style potential of the creations shown. The added sexy vibe is more obvious than ever and Anne Vyalitsyna and Karolina Kurkova prove the perfect choices for bringing out the label's spirit in its entirety. It wouldn't feel like Cavalli if there wasn't a wide array of intricate prints to choose from and the label sure knows how to play on its strengths and keep its fans pleased yet yearning for more at the same time.

 Aside from the iconic animal prints that the label has become so well known for, the label now tackles a more abstract perspective that falls right in line with the fabulous new style direction most major style influencers are headed to.

Oscar de la Renta Dresses 2013

Femininity is an expected allure when talking about Oscar de la Renta and the pre-fall 2013 collection certainly didn't fall short as far as expectations are concerned. With balance and sophistication both expressed differently throughout the collection, with both uber elegant alternatives and less formal style options, the label gives a well rounded perspective of the defining style elements that will mark the upcoming season.

Retro vibes become instantly distinguishable and '70s style once again shows its potential to dazzle through the multifaceted creative approach. Still, the options aren't as romantic and as girly as one might expect. For the most part, things are fairly balanced and subtle and proportions are perfectly defined in order to draw attention precisely to the desired features.

The abstract touch that began defining the Oscar de la Renta spring 2013 collection print-wise will still be popular in the final days of the warm seasons of the next year. Dresses and skirts are must haves in the retailers book and the options are as diverse as they can get.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Max Mara Spring 2013 Collection

A timelessly elegant allure is certainly a desirable attribute that the label explores through a simple modern perspective where minimalism is valued and its principles are put to good use. Proportions vary generously and contrast is easily achieved as oversized pieces are combined with more body conscious ones for maximum style impact.

The color palette is surprisingly consistent and the focus towards prints and noticeable distinctive textural details is kept to a minimum. Still, we manage to see that the label still focuses on animal prints for a luxurious and sophisticated vibe that will outlive the seasonal trends. The relaxed fit and the occasional masculine touches with little eye-popping details might seem a little simplistic on their own, yet proper accessozing changes the perspective significantly.

 Though the accessories stay in the timeless style zone, the options provide a sense of completion and a fab touch. No need to worry that the sunglasses from the newest collection or the versatile handbags will end up gathering dust in your closets. Their high quality, practical touches and incredible appeal will enable you to sport the pieces for a multitude of occasions.

Hairstyles Trends 2013

The fact that simple hair can't look fabulous is a misconception as hair stylists have proved the exact opposite on numerous occasions. If you're looking for new simple everyday hairstyles to make you look hot in 2013, the following styles stand as a perfect source of inspiration.

The influences for the new 2013 hairstyles: the simple yet chic fashion trends of the spring-summer season, and there are various easy everyday hair styles to take into consideration whenever you do your hair.Play with centered up&high ponytails featuring a sleek texture or softly waved ends or amp-up the sophistication level by braiding the ponytail and wrap it around its base to create a stylish braided bun.

 If you're looking for stylish yet super simple hairstyles for long hair, top knots and stylish twists set with a hair elastic and/or bobby pins should help you achieve a stylish hairstyle regardless of your natural hair texture, so get creative and play with any of these fab up styles!

 A look that will never fail is all natural, so enhance the natural texture of your hair all while making sure your locks are still packing sexy volume. Chic loose curls, sassy hair waves and sexy disheveled styles are perfect, so don't be afraid to shake it up and play with your natural hair texture!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Estee Lauder Spring 2013 Nail Polishes

After a winter season dominated by darks and neutrals, the spring 2013 season announces itself bright and cheerful at least as far as nail color goes, so get a smile on by playing with Estee Lauder Spring 2013 Paris Macarons Pure Color nail polish collection as the pretty pastel nail lacquers will tempt your peepers as soon as you take a glance at the collection.

 Pastel colored nail polishes come as a breath of fresh air in the new season and since the spring 2013 fashion scene has been focusing on trendy, chic and simplistic creations displayed in a warm color palette, these nail lacquers will only reinforce your oh-so-trendy style.

The best thing about creamy, warm pastel tones: their universally flattering properties, so get creative and opt for sexy tips that will make your mouth water every time you flash them and the new Estee Lauder spring 2013 nail polishes are surely going to help you achieve the desired result.

MAC Viva Spring 2013

The collection serves up a totally new shade of pastel pink lip color combo that will give fashionistas a chance to show off their fierce, feminine side, all while doing some good for those in need as all the proceeds from the MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 for spring 2013 collection will be donated to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. Nicki's unique style seems to empower women, so no wonder that the first collaboration with between the 'Bees in the Trap' singer and the go-to-makeup brand MAC, was surrounded by a high dose of success.

 The gorgeous creamy opaque shades look compliment most skin tones and offer a perfect touch of color with every application. Go soft and sensual by glazing your lips with the fab, richly pigmented lipstick or go bolder and amp-up the shine factor of your lips by coating your Nicki 2 lipstick or your bare lips with MAC's fabulous lavender-pink lip glass. Chic, sensual and with a high visual kick, this fab mini lip color collection will surely spark a buzz among lipstick loving divas, so be sure to check out the collection as soon as it hits the counters this February 2013!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oscar de la Renta Nail Polishes 2013

Not so long ago, we've announced that Oscar de la Renta is venturing into the beauty department with nail polish tones which suit the new mood of the season and can help one look spectacular. It seems that the innitiative was very well received as three new tones are making their way into the mainstream.

 These magnificent and optimism-filled tones are marketed as spring 2013 choices since they were spotted on the runway for the label's next year's offerings. If sporting full outfits inspired by the designer proves a little challenging, the three new offerings can be a fabulous way of cheering up a regular outfit with a trendy touch.

These high quality nail polishes will definitely prove a great enhancer no matter when you choose to sport them. If you're wondering what the new tones are meant to represent, the names Flirt, Shock and Envy can definitely help clear things up.

Dior 2013 Nail Lacquers

The new season is defined by rich, sophisticated tones which come in a fabulous selection and many interesting new collections aim to help us have our needs met during the upcoming months. However, we always wonder what the future will bring and fortunately Dior Vernis has an answer.

The 2013 season will bring back those fabulous intense tones we've seen becoming popular all over again in the warm months. Though small, the collection is exciting nevertheless. If you find yourself in such an enviable position, you should definitely consider these three new fabulous tones as they can add a fun touch to virtually any outfit.

For a vibrant touch, pick any of these delightful high quality, long lasting new tones:

Lime – green lime
Mango – sweet coral
Pastèque – bold fuchsia

OPI Spring 2013 Nail Polishes

Selena Gomez sure is a busy bee these days and the great number of endorsements prove it. After recently being named brand ambassador for Adidas Neo, a more awaited project is finally being revealed. News about the collaboration with Nicole by OPI broke out some time ago, yet the 14 tones remained a mystery for the most part.

Well, not anymore as with only a month before launch, fans of the star have the chance of picking out the very best shades of the collection. The variety is definitely important when it comes to finding your right shade. Glittery tones are an important part of the collection as one might expect yet matte tones are equally interesting and have a fairly distinct spring vibe. Here are the tones you'll get to choose from in the unmistakably fun manner that the label has accustomed us to:

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