Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just Cavalli Swimsuits 2013

Though we have quite a strong desire to see the sunny days return ASAP, the newest fashion campaigns are exacerbating this feeling to completely new heights. The latest culprit? The spring summer 2013 Just Cavalli campaign which insists on transporting us to the land of fab beaches and crystal clear water and brings a multitude of covetable options to match the idyllic scenery.

For the label, getting fab and trendy is no solo game as the label enlists Aline Weber, Emily DiDonato, Ginta Lapina, Chris Bunn, Chris Petersen and Thomas Guarracino to show off the true impact of the newest designs. If the Roberto Cavalli spring 2013 campaign has shown us a more abstract take on the usual prints, the Just Cavalli ads show us the exact characteristic that became a trademark of the label: bold color combos, bold prints and an incredibly strong desire to avoid blending in.

Subdued animal print touches with a classy touch? Not in the label's book where “the more the better” has always been the main focus. From gorgeous dresses to swimsuits, the label is keen on proving that animal prints will never lose their instant ability to intrigue and impress. One thing is for sure: ignoring the looks, whether you love them or hate them is next to impossible.

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