Monday, November 19, 2012

Givenchy Bags 2013

If you're still looking for the 'it' bag that will get you through the cold seasons, the latest Givenchy collection is definitely worth checking out. With a classy perspective focused on a variety of versatile designs that combine classiness and sophistication, the new options should definitely be on the radar of those interested in investment pieces that will outlast any hot of the moment style. Simple, without being overly simplistic, the new handbags are definitely a fabulous option to consider.

 Neutral toned monochrome bags are the epitome of versatility but you don't have to go for classic options only. The label plays with pattern and texture in order to deliver fun alternatives that skillfully combine style and functionality. This season, everything seems driven by the precision of geometry and the new collection embraces the principle wholeheartedly. Checkers are a fabulous options for pattern lovers that still want to get the most of their everyday bag and get a bit of a modern vibe.

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