Monday, September 16, 2013

Learn three fall winter 2015 makeup

If this summer was the season of color electric and color of courage, fall season is definitely makeup look dark and dramatic sites. Learn a few tips for beauty bloggers to be in trend this fall.

For those cold fall days, we recommend one of her video tutorials, which contains three ideas makeup sexy and easy to apply (at 0:48 minutes).

First fall makeup trend exemplified by Andrea are very dark lips (whether it is a visniu lipstick, black cherries color or black).

Bloggers will recommend in this case to use a pair of false eyelashes, but not loaded with too much makeup eye area. Watch the little tricks it uses to ensure that the lipstick will stay on lips and teeth will not. They are brilliant!

The second important trend in makeup this fall are smokey brown eyes. In this case, Andrea (and common sense, for that matter) will recommend not accentuate lips and pick a shade of pink lip discreet.

Last look proposed by bloggers beauty is dramatic eye makeup cat, a la Brigitte Bardo. Andrea offers some excellent tips for achieving this look, but you have to practice a lot to get eyeliner to her skill.

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